Truth Thursdays: To Answer Your Question


That’s the answer to all the unasked questions between us.
The answer to “I miss you.”
The answer to “How was your day?”
Yes, my heart goes, when we talk about our days.
(Not together, maybe apart, but “with,”

That’s the answer to all my questions about you.
A resounding
utterly mysterious
despite everything
(ie, common sense, my girls, geography, the world, all the songs)


That’s the answer my heart yells out
in the silence between phrases
the pauses between breaths,
the laughter all around.

The answer I cry out in the vowel-less “hmmm”
because we don’t know what’s next.

because the questions don’t get asked
and nothing that matters get spoken out loud
the yes never comes out.

Instead of answers,
we fill up the space between us
with the randomness of stories and talks and opinions.

Making up,
filling up,
substituting for
what could be
if only,
if you just…


But you don’t.
(I don’t.)

The world spins ignorantly,
madly on,
hurtling us forward to paths
that run parallel
but are not together.

I don’t know,
if after this little while,

if the answer will still be



(So ask?)

Updated: Yes, this is about you, Andre. – 5/27/2014

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